7 reasons why you put on weight

7 Surprises That Could Explain Why You're Gaining Weight

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Do you want to understand why, despite your best efforts, your weight keeps increasing? Here are 7 unexpected but no less important reasons why.

1. Lack of sleep

Insomnia, late nights, staggered working hours - all these things disrupt your biological rhythm and have a considerable impact on your weight. Your bed could hold the secret to this enigma.

2. Too much stress

Constant stress can increase your appetite and push you towards sweeter or fattier foods. Relaxation techniques can help you manage this stress.

3. Medicines

Some medicines can promote weight gain. In some cases, a simple adjustment in treatment can resolve this problem. It would be beneficial to discuss this with your doctor.

4. A thyroid problem

If your thyroid works slowly, so does your metabolism. A simple annual check-up can determine whether this could explain unexplained weight gain.

5. Age

Metabolism naturally slows down with age, as does physical activity. To counteract this effect, it would be wise to readjust your diet and exercise levels.

6. Meals that are too irregular

Eating at erratic times, especially in the evening, disrupts our internal clock and can lead to weight gain. Regular meals are an excellent way of stabilising your weight.

7. Too many sugary drinks

Sodas, industrial fruit juices and other sugary drinks are real calorie bombs and are often overlooked. A simple adjustment, such as reducing their consumption, could have a big impact on your balance.

In conclusion, a multitude of factors can have an impact on your weight. While some are well known and controllable, others are less so. But remember, the important thing is to listen to your body and not to get discouraged. Your perseverance will pay off in the end.

Meta description :In this article, discover 7 surprising reasons why you may be putting on weight despite your efforts to lose weight.

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