Trend 2024: The colours that will brighten up your wardrobe

Colorama 2024: Discover the shades that will enhance your wardrobe!

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The year 2024 is on the horizon, bringing with it a rainbow of new fashion trends. In a burst of positive, flamboyant colourimetry, we'll be talking about the colours that will dazzle your wardrobe! Just before you plunge into the heart of this chromatic ocean, grab your sunglasses, because the glow of 2024 promises to be radiant.

A wave of green

Nature is inviting itself into our wardrobes in 2024! Green, the symbol of renewal, is sure to be the dominant tone of the year. From subtle shades of sage green to a bold emerald green, this hopeful colour will enchant your style.

Trend tip :

Pair olive green trousers with a raw cotton top for a chic yet casual look.

Explosion of Yellow

Get ready to welcome yellow in all its shades! It's a colour that exudes joy and optimism. Mustard yellow, golden yellow or lemon yellow, choose your favourite!

Trendy advice:

Mix yellow with neutral tones such as grey or white for a fresh, sparkling look.

Coral Radiance

Coral is back in force in 2024. Associated with energy and vitality, it will brighten up your outfit, making your days sunnier.

Trend tip :

Try a coral dress with gold accessories to brighten up your evening look.

Blue Dust

Finally, blue is making its grand entrance. Powder blue or sky blue will be your allies for a soothing, elegant look.

Trend tip :

Pair a sky-blue blazer with raw denim jeans to play up the contrasts.


Be at the cutting edge of fashion with our 2024 colour guide. From bright green to serene blue, brighten up your wardrobe with these vibrant trends. So, are you ready to embrace the colour waltz?

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