Will a low-carb diet shorten your lifespan?

The low-carb diet: key to longevity or deadly myth?

Low-carb foods

The low-carb diet is an eternal topic of debate, generating controversy and diverse opinions among health professionals. Is it really the panacea for a longer, healthier life? Or could it actually reduce your life expectancy? Let's take a look at the controversy.

The low-carb diet: what is it?

Also known as the low-carb diet, it is characterised by a reduced intake of carbohydrates, in favour of proteins and fats. It is generally prescribed for people with diabetes or those looking to lose weight. But is it really good for our health?

The clear benefits of the low-carb diet

Some specialists extol the virtues of the low-carb diet. They argue that by limiting carbohydrate consumption, the human body is forced to use stored fat as a source of energy. This leads to significant weight loss. In addition, studies have shown that this diet reduces blood sugar levels and improves blood pressure, factors that are essential for cardiovascular health.

The risks of a low-carb diet

However, other research suggests that prolonged low-carb diets can lead to major health problems. A diet too rich in proteins and saturated fats is associated with heart disease. In addition, low consumption of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, which are rich in fibre and vitamins, may increase the risk of chronic diseases and cancers.

The low-carb diet: a question of moderation and balance

The main issue in any diet is moderation. A low-carb diet can be beneficial in the short term, especially for weight loss and blood sugar control. However, in the long term, you need to make sure you eat enough vegetables, fruit and wholegrain cereals to ensure a balanced nutritional intake. Consultation with a health professional is always recommended before making any radical changes to your diet.


The low-carb diet can have beneficial effects, but its possible harmful consequences require particular attention. Balance and moderation remain the watchwords for a healthy diet.

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